Making a career change is never easy yet it can be a creative process and fill you with a joy you never experienced before. From corporate to entrepreneur and Web TV producer, Aymee Zubizarreta shares her story!

A desire to help give today’s Latina a voice in television puts Aymee Zubizarreta in the driver’s seat. Having spent most of her adult life working for Fortune 500 companies and national organizations as their “expert liaison” with the U.S. Hispanic market, Aymee, now in her early forties, has taken the keys to her future into her own hands by starting a company of her own.

If you’re among the millions of women who often feel as if the characters played on TV/online series, movies or soap operas don’t speak to or resonate with us, then you have to meet Aymee Zubizarreta— An award-winning, integrated marketing/communications professional who has spent most of her life helping large corporations successfully reach and touch the US Hispanic consumer.

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