Modern Day Latinas Have a New Place to call Home.

Welcome to Merrick Park, America’s first, English language scripted series devoted to today’s Modern Day Latinas.

Created by former Fortune 500 Corporate executive Aymee Zubizarreta, this new series attempts to showcase Latinas for who “we” really are – smart, ambitious, career-minded and family-oriented women who are capable of being a CEO in business and the CFO of their family’s future.

Twitter Invite

The series, inspired by author Mariela Dabbah’s book, “Find Your Inner Red Shoes,” seeks to empower Latinas to aspire to greatness both in their personal and professional lives while establishing a close knit relationship with other like minded women.

Join us!

Red Shoe Movement’s CEO and founder Mariela Dabbah and Merrick Park’s Aymee Zubizarreta for a Twitter Party celebrating #ModernDayLatinas sponsored by Farmers Insurance on October 21st at 7pm EST/4 pm PST.

Farmers Insurance is committed to the economic growth of this country by providing entrepreneurship opportunities for bilingual Latinas and Hispanic women to have their own insurance agency.  Through incentive programs, a mentor business owner network and a world-class university that will support them in building a solid and strong agency, Farmers Insurance seeks to empower Latinas and Hispanic women to be their “own” boss.

#ModernDayLatinas Twitter Party special guests include:
  • The first Hispanic woman elected to US Congress, Honorable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
  • The first Latina to be named a Corporate Officer at Farmers Insurance, Luisa Acosta-Franco, VP of Recruitment Marketing
  • The five journalists of “#LatinaSpeaks” will share their personal pathway to success.

Twitter Party Details: 

National Latina Empowerment Day #ModernDayLatinas Twitter Party

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7pm EST/4pm PST

Hashtag: #ModernDayLatinas

Who To Follow: 

Hosts: @RedShoeMovement, @AymeeZubi, @MerrickPark_TV,  @KatherineDoble

Co-Hosts: @LorraineCLadish, @xoxoLizza, @LosTweens, @JusticeJonesie

Special Guests: @RosLehtinen @LatinaLAF7, @LatinasSpeak, @NHLI


Winners who have RSVPed, are actively tweeting with the #ModernDayLatinas hashtag and who have answered the question will be selected at random for a total of (4) winners:

  • Prize 1: (1) $25 Target Gift Card
  • Prize 2: (1) $25 Target Gift Card
  • Prize 3: (1) $50 Target Gift Card
  • Prize 4: (1) $100 Target Gift Card

Additional Prizes: 

11 winners will be selected at random throughout the party to win a pair of Farylrobin Red Booties designed for Anthropologie.


  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 6 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 6.5 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 7 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 7.5 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 8 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 8 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 8.5 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 8.5 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 9 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 9.5 (Valued at $140)
  • (1) Farylrobin Red Bootie Size 10 (Valued at $140)

Rules:  For the official rules, please click here.

RSVP by leaving a comment below with your Twitter URL ( AND your shoe size!


140 Responses to National Latina Empowerment Day #ModernDayLatinas Twitter Party Invitation
  1. @LIBizus I’m in! So excited and hoping to get one of those bad boys pair of red shoes!

  2. Forgot shoe size! 8.5 and red is my fav color!

  3. Twitter : Erika_moreno22. Size 7.5

  4. This gathering of #ModernDayLatinas is long overdue. Congrats on the launch of from @DellaNYC (size 9)

  5. In love with this event, loving the support for the Latinas! twitter url –, Shoe Size 7.5…Thanks!

  6. I’m extremely excited to learn about wonderful successful Latinas. I’m looking forward to this event.

  7. Looking forward to this exciting event.

  8. Looking forward joining in as ..@southof5thmiami I ♡
    #MyMiami. #ModernDayLatinas rocl!

  9. RSVP @twodartmom OR @jasfields_jail. Shoe Size 9

  10. RSVP @SashaMarina
    Shoe size 8.5
    Looking forward to this!

  11. RSVP @1loco. Shoe Size: 9

  12. RSVP: @SaveUrCents
    Size 7

  13. I’m so excited and proud of my heritage. Way to go Latinas!!!!.. size 7

  14. Thanks for te chance to win an awesome prize! I wear a size 10 boot :)

  15. Please RSVP me for this twiiter party!

    GRACIAS :)

    Shoe size size 8 1/2 if I win just in case

    Tweet soon :);

  16. I am really looking forward to this amazing event Thank you! Size 8 @SandovalRosio

  17. RSVP @TheHippieHut size 7.5 :)

  18. Whoops I left my url out. let me try that again.. RSVP @TheHippieHut Size 7.5

  19. @brunaTHEpayne, size 6.5 shoes

  20. @brunaTHEpayne
    6.5 shoe size

  21. Ana @tunera_77 Shoe size 7.5 I hope I win

  22. This is a great opportunity to showcase the Latina movement!


    This sounds exciting; I can’t wait to watch this new series! I’m a size 8.5

  24. RSVP@GodisgreatForus,love to win the awesome prizes my shoe size is 8.5

  25. Looking forward to assist the twitter party. Shoe size 6

  26. RSVP @Clarissa_xplain

    Show size 5 1/2 (I have small feet!)

  27. Rsvp @nkisantoro size 8.5 fingers crossed!

  28. RSVP : Rika


    Size 6.5 or 7

    Thanks for the chance and see you there ;)

  29. SIZE: 10

    So proud to support my fellow Latina’s! Spreading the word about Modern Day Latinas!

    RSVP: @FashionistaDET

  30. size 10 please

  31. Https:/ I wear size 10 shoe.

  32. Can’t wait! RSVP @shortcakesdiary
    shoe size:7

  33. @coolchillmom
    Shoe size is 7!
    Thank you! I can’t wait to tweet with you

  34. RSVP- @groogruxking40 shoe size 9 – participating to win for my GF :)

  35. RSVP- @LoveToWinSweeps shoe size 8.5

  36. RSVP- @jcs7alumni shoe size 8

  37. RSVP- @PhancyPheet shoe size 9.5

  38. @zerinagrace size 7!

    Gracias por la oportunidad!

  39. RSVP @WheelOfTheBus .. and shoe size is 7



    size 7

  41. totally nice SIze 5-is this possible? if not a 7 for my neice @CorreyHope

  42. Looking forward to this event! RSVP @ayell922

  43. I shoe size is 7.5 @ayell922 :)

  44. RSVP @angiedepue
    shoe size 10

    Shoe size:9.5
    Thank you y gracias.

  46. Rsvp @roxonthebox

    Size 8.5 or 9

    *sorry forgot shoesize in previous post

  47. Twitter @beachiebeauty

  48. Twitter @beachiebeauty size 9

  49. @adrianamvega

    Size 6.5


    Show size 9.5

    Glad to connect with other Latinas and I look forward to tonight’s chat!! Saludos!

  51. SIZE 8! I love those shoes! I want one so bad!

  52. Size 8 powerful journalist turned entrepreneur. Family lover!

  53. AdriCarrera twitter account

  54. RSVP@Nitya_Universal

  55. Sorry forgot shoe size. I wear a 8.5

  56. In support of one of my Favorite Latinas… excited!

  57. RSVP @kayleighpurwin
    Size 8 or 8.5

  58. RSVP @angiedepue
    size 10

  59. (size 8 or 8.5) :) <3 Great event!

  60. Excelente…

    Size 7.5

  61. RSVP @Mizvanilla , Size 9 , thank you for the chance :)

  62. Whoops, forgot my shoe size and my link, lol, only included my handle. and shoe size is 8.5

  63. RSVP @eevongelic
    Shoe size : 6
    tweet everyone there!!

  64. Excited to be a part of this moverment! We are #ModernDayLatinas!!

  65. Excited to be a part of this movement!

  66. I am there now!! @Couponmamacita

  67. RSVP @ggallagher71
    Size 10

  68. SIZE 10…big foot big heart :)

  69. oops forgot handle @surfingwavesmom


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