About the Series

Liannet Borrego
Stephie Torres

In a city within a city, a group of very accomplished 30-something professional Latinas from diverse backgrounds and acculturation levels form a special sisterhood. Together they chase the same dream, celebrate conquests, and tackle similar challenges as many of today’s women living in the United States.

Today’s Modern Day Latinas are smart, well-educated, career driven and family oriented individuals who are capable of achieving their version of the American Dream.

What sets this English language scripted series apart from others in the mainstream media is that it attempts to showcase today’s Latinas for who they really are. Mothers. Wives. Small Business Owners. High Powered Executives. Doctors. Fashion Designers. Chefs. CEO’s in business and CFO’s of their family’s future.

We are Modern Day Latinas and we have a story to tell on Merrick Park.




played by Lyduan Gonzalez



played by Liannet Borrego



played by María Elena Sanchez


Dra. Maritza

played by Stephie Torres



played by Markel Berto



played by Michael Orozco


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National Latina Empowerment Daylong Events 
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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